HI, it's Robert here, welcome to my personal and official website for my personal and professional development programs.

My programs and coaching are here to help you evolve into the ultimate version of yourself.

  • learning more about your character,
  • identifying your pains,
  • evolving into a more responsible character,

you will uncover opportunities,

  • hidden in plain sight,
  • that you will learn to create,
  • by playing your position,

and these skills will live with you.

Not only will you create these opportunities

  • You will use your own pains or 'drivers' as I like to call them to prioritise the actions you choose.

And in doing so start seeing the cost should you not continue to respect your current position to make the decisions you will identify yourself with my programs and coaching.

I mean they are hard but the easy choices you are common to making In you comfort zone to me are a lot harder.

They definitely put you In and can Keep you in a place Aden it ha a place when you do nothing I enjoy when you relax apse and don’t go eat yourself fin back on track tourself to be I trac next Bette in position position.

When you continue to take your individuals  actions

REMEMBERING you pains are categorically similar but are individual to you and set the start in what you open first to know what’s pains must be closed if you’re not  be held ha correct Bain your infuriating future go forward

you can potentially quadruple the control you have in what i have identified as the four biggest important things...

  1. your Life, to love your life
  2. your Time, to respect your time
  3. your Mind, to control your mind

  4. your Money, to potentially quadruple your money

  If you allow...
  • impatience,
  • stubbornness,
  • fearfulness of looking/feeling/sounding stupid,
  • denial of pain

  • laziness

as any or all the excuse(s) to hold you back.

I can't & won't push you to get any of my programs or my coaching.

I strongly suggest you keep an open mindset and think only about the ideal life you want.

Because I hand on heart believe...

You can always do more than what you put your mind too. 

Only when you are tired of experiencing the pain of not experiencing whatever it is you want.

Until then, the life you have is the exact life it is you want, else your pain would force you to do something about it that doesn't fit:

  • Your go to 

My programs and coaching, when the knowledge is executed implicitly, whether you generate a success or failure will put you in the position to experience sustained help with a better life. 

Doing nothing whatsoever is worse than failing.

You may currently have the type of circle whereby you all are scared of taking implicit action, as you feel you have been born into a world where you are born to fail and built to be used.

Though you won't be motivated to own your life, time, mind and money to make a better life if you do not recognise the pain you are in or how crushing the pain could get if you continue to make excuses on why this or that won't or hasn't worked or you.

Generally the answer to that is the fact you are not prepared to put your hand up and ask for help.

Which is totally fine if you want to continue living the life you are currently experiencing and you are not making decisions in life now from the pain being caused after exhausting all your ideas of solutions and have exhausted returning to the same establishments you have been to acquire deadbeat knowledge.

I help people that know they have a pain that they know will require them to listen and take action. They know they have to do this, i don't need to tell them they have a pain, I encover the depth of that pain, what it is costing you, actions you seriously should implicitly take, whether you fail in taking it or you get a success, i let you know there is more to be done after to secure that success so you can build those steps of success in your Life, with your time, In your Mind and your Money to make all of those experiences in where you envision them without pain.

What does that now look like to you?

Does it involve being able to say Yes more frequently to yourself, your family friends and anyone else you so choose to?

Does it involve being able to say No more comfortably and calmly to yourself, your family, friends and anyone else you so choose to?

However it looks like to you, even in your wildest imagination of dreams, however it looks, you can realistically get that if you truly have recognised your pains, are tired of experiencing poor results daily, bad energies with people, lost in your daily direction and year on year the same results....then you should start with my entry program. Start It Here

The program starts in helping you learn more about who you are as a person and then lead you to identify your pains and how accountability for the world we live in no matter how bad you think of the government and anyone else, its for you to take responsibility of what matters to you and not leave the responsibility in the hands of a system.

The smallest pains to the biggest pains. A small pain could be you limiting what you want to do daily. A big pain could be repeatedly saying no to someone you want to say yes more often. There are many pains people put themselves through, thinking only with the knowledge they have and they ruin what they could have learned about themselves.

Never getting true actionable knowledge to learn more about who they are exactly as a person (personal development) and learning more about controlling their short and future master plan (professional development). In doing so unknowingly being the help for someone else's (the boss or shareholders they never see) personal and professional development. This is why evolving outweighs studying and other oppressed forms of taking in knowledge. The importance of evolving is that it allows you to learn about your unique positive and negative problems as you evolve with my program personally and professionally.

How you Build and evolve into your unique personal and professional character.

There is something in my programs I refer to as 'Character A' and 'Character B' people. We all have our own unique character. Though within our own unique character, we have the pros and the cons. Obviously, it is an open-mind within some aspects of your unique and positive character you need to own to live your ideal life, time, mind and money with your 'Character A' version.

Here is a partial insight into the pros and cons in characters.

'Character A' people have the potential to live their most ideal version of life unique to them and for as long a period of time as they want. So this does not mean societies version of life. But totally their own.

Societies version of a successful or failed life is what depresses and starves people of living and enjoying their own life, time, mind and money.

Character A people have high pleasure thresholds and low pain thresholds. This means it requires them more to be aroused and less for them to actualize the pain they experience. A person must accept and actualize the pain they are experiencing before they aim to do something about it.

Character B people are the total opposite. They have low pleasure thresholds and high pain thresholds. This means it requires not much for them to be aroused and takes more for them to accept and actualize the pain they are experiencing before they even think about doing something about any pain their experiencing.

The world as we see it actually has more 'Character B' people. It's easier to monetize character b people in this world as the opportunities for fun and things they focus on are all around them and are relatively easy to go and enjoy for them as it doesn't take much for them to experience their types of pleasures. Plus Character B people are thinking only and solely for now with no thought on securing a future. It's a 'happy go lucky' mentality they sleep and wake up on.

Pain is the only true motivator to drive you to do what you have to do and get to where or what you want in life in anything you do.

Character B people tend to live their lives in a way where they try to hide their pain from their circle or people who have put them up on a pedestal. Now it depends on the type of individual person and I'm teaching for free as you're reading this. So more on this should you get the opportunity for me to explain this in my program.

Only when the pain of your comfort and/or the comfort of someone you love/care about starts to surpass what you truly can put up with will you ever get curious first, then think and then thirdly focus on learning to do or get something done about any pain being experienced or will/could be in the future. Especially as you get older and you can do nowhere near as much about securing an ideal future.

I mean have any of you ever gone to an old people's home? For most, you won't even end up in an old people's home because of finances. So have any of you heard of old people dying from pneumonia because they have not taken care of their future (children, nieces/nephews and or finances) and now their future is living a life exact to how they lived and they (old person) dies because they cannot feed themselves or produce enough heat. Have you heard of old people getting dementia, generally due to never doing any exercise or treating their body wrong and they get lost in the streets or have serious car accidents?

You may ask where is there family and what have you? The thing is it takes a head down and focused family or at least one person in every generational family to go completely against the grain to the way society has imposed for those oppressed to follow life. Even if they do go down this road (follow society's way of a supposed successful life), their time will be taken up and it's not easy for a family member to look after you or for you to get excellent help from an old person home when the workers don't want to do any work.

The Difference In Robert Antwi's 
Program and Coaching

My 'Life, Time, Mind and Money' programs and coaching are more than people worrying when they get old if they will be taken care off. It's more than that! So don't get jumping the gun. I'm just giving you a mindset into how a 'Character A' person gets the bigger picture and is focused on their short and long term future. In doing so they allow people in their family who listen or have the potential to be a 'Character A' person to not start at the starting line as they grew, but start 25,000 miles ahead in their own race in life because of all the running you have done in and around the world. This is how life is supposed to be lived! This is how generational freedom is created and this is the difference needed to give more than money to loved ones when you die.

When actioning on things that I require you to 'STAY' outside your comfort zone, 'NOT STEP', it's your true pains I would mention to you so you keep going and don't lose track. Naturally, you may relapse as you're only ever up against yourself. However, your true pains are your biggest driver and partly what I can help you with is understanding the pain caused by not addressing your pains. That is why owning up to the pains you have or going through the start of my complimentary program where I break this down, will you get to see if you really are tired of experiencing unneeded pain now and in the future. Pain direct to you and pain that will be indirect for your loved ones born now or have not even been brought into this world yet.

If you have a high pain threshold, you won't channel in the pain you think is nothing you go through that hurts you and your loved ones. You will continue to fall for your low pleasure threshold as a quick fix to what you really should be prioritised on. Low pleasure answers to the majority of Character B people are things such as one night stands, alcohol, drugs, self-harming and illegal things that can give someone an adrenaline rush.

Because no matured 'Character A' person has time to continue to hear about why this or that is happening in a 'Character B' person's life. Character B people tend to hang/use other 'Character B' people as a shoulder to talk or cry to and the answer to there problems always is low pleasure answer that just puts them in more of a rough situation to roll over into more low pleasure things that again continues to dig a deeper hole for them. Because of 'Character B' people's emotions, being given a cold shoulder and looking for people to feel sorry for them or turning to your low pleasures due to insecurities, they will live in what I call "la la land".

'La La Land' is a false sense of security for oppressed/societies people to adopt. For example, telling a child there is such a thing as Santa Claus and taking what most 'Character B' people would say is a harmless thing. Yet parents or a parent will start their child having a 'Character B' mindset and see how long they can let a child believe in such a stupid story. The same time they could be teaching their child to have a smarter mindset and develop into their unique personal and professional character, even at a young age as I do my child. Though 'Character B' people need someone to impose a shared goal or to think they need to play the fit-in-game and try to win the rat race.

Understandably there are immature and matured versions of 'Character A' and 'Character B' people. Some matured 'Character B' people will be living a life whereby they feel secure in the debt they are in, even though they are living monthly pay packet to pay packet and at any time they could lose their job. Some 'Character A' people excel for now in life a little bit better than 'Character A' person only because the head of their family was a true 'Character A' person and even though they have adopted 'Character B' type pleasures. My point is people do not do anything until they understand the pain they will be in or will and could put the family in that will be looking up to them as they get older.

It's all about prioritisation, only when you accept you cannot continue to live through your pains. The people who get to where they want in life strengthen prioritising what they need to cut out in life. A low pleasure threshold is a reason 'Character B' people live a painful, society only accepted and regretful life.

If you were to subtract all that you don't need and add what you did need you would get only what you need. Look around you, how happy are you with your surroundings. Does it look good, but you are still paying for your surroundings? Do you have only what you need to get you to where your ultimate focus should be?

If not, prioritisation is the key to focusing only on what you need.

People who want to prioritise better on their ideal short and long-term goals with help on how they can do this.

Will be a fit for my programs and coaching.

Here are the 5 'Must Have' understandings I think will allow you to know if you are a fit for my Life, Time, Mind and Money programs and coaching.


Must Have #1 - Growth Rarely happens overnight.

You must be open to playing the long game with the short game in mind. You will 'STAY' outside your comfort zone and 'NOT STEP'.

Personal development is as much important as Professional development. So whereby professionally you could act on the right actions to say for instance get an increase of money in your life in a short time just by contacting the right people with sensible offers in front of them and closing them on a call.

It would only be an answer to part of your problems as your personal development may/would not have evolved.

Hence why a lot of people win the lottery and they blow it. They are yet to understand their own and unique personal side. They literally think they have enough money to use as an answer to all their problems.


Must Have #2 - The correct future mindset is key.

You cannot continue to do the same things and get the same results. Coming to me I focus on now with the future in mind.

You are not looking at me and thinking I have what 'Robert' has or wants. Your idea of success is unique to yourself and to have a correct future-focused mindset you have to be open to learn and be vulnerable in some sense of the word for me to learn what it is you want.

If you cannot allow yourself to align with your pains to control your impatience, stubbornness, fearfulness of looking/feeling/sounding stupid, being in denial of pain and laziness as any or all the excuse(s) to hold you back, I can't & won't push you to get any of my programs or my coaching.

You have to be able to allow yourself to accept you are at a point in life whereby you know you have a conformed/oppressed mind. This is when you live life societies way and you are not prepared to accept change.

When you can do the above, only then are you allowing yourself to be in a state where you can open up your mindset for a future focus.


Must Have #3 - Your pain is your true motivator.

Un-identifying your pains and acting as if everything is ok because your circle lives a certain way that a group of you or even family also deem as successful and you've allowed yourself to fall into a trap of aspiring to live this or that way and not aspire to experience things you and your loved ones would want to experience quicker in their life and not just in your life but empowering your next generation to continue life without making unnecessary mistakes.

If you think this way, you have a 'Character B' mindset and you are not a fit for my programs or coaching.

Through knowing your pain, will you be able to stay focused and pick yourself up when you relapse. So you have to reveal your pain and you have to be vulnerable basically with yourself before even with me. Because we are only ever up against ourselves and we can get to a point where we don't even own up to our own selves or our pains.


Must Have #4 - Open mindset to evolve not study.

I've come into with people who have tried to rush me in teaching them. Generally, people who have attained a degree, who for some reason think when they have attained a degree they know it all and nothing could be harder than attaining a degree. People who are impatient and want results quicker than the duration of the low-level pleasure, they seek, lasts for.

Here is my distinction for people who have attained degrees and love order. Who told you to study your degree? If you have attained a degree in something completely different then that of the profession you are now in, why did you study for a degree? People who regret not listening to your parents/guardians and believe studying a degree is the way to go. You are in the wrong place if you still think like this.

My material is not for people that think they are smart and know it all because you believe real knowledge comes under the establishment of a government body. Wake up call, it doesn't!
Real knowledge is actionable, real knowledge does not make you into a sheep, real knowledge is not made to have you remove what unique gifts you have and render you a sheep. Real knowledge helps you to evolve and help you stand up tall instead of depending on your teacher/coach/mentor.

Do not rush me to information overload you like a degree does to people and lead you into a false sense of security only to mess up any opportunity you could have to evolve with my material. I'm not into forcing unneeded knowledge into the minds of characters of people who lack in what they need to focus on next to get them into a better position in life.

Thinking you know it all because you have a degree or because you're afraid to admit you are in denial that you know only what you have remembered from school/college/Uni. The majority of people only have the knowledge they remember from school, what they watch on tv, what they watch online, what there family/partner/friends/colleagues/neighbours who to have only studied have forced into them and what they have been taught at some workplace.

That old knowledge is why you are here and curious about what you can learn from me after coming into contact with my material online or someone mentioning to you to go and check me out. I strongly suggest you look at me as the parent/guardian you listen to or should have listened to and think about them telling you to pay attention to me and do as I advise you to do.


Must Have #5 - Focus on pains not pleasures.

Having a low pleasure threshold and a high pain threshold makes no sense. I've not come from a world where fun not only pays the bills but also secures the ideal type of life it is you want. Your pleasures should be more intense than your work. Menial fun is a short getaway from your life and does not sort out your problems or pay your bills.

Your pains of experiencing what you don't want to experience and being around and in environments of people you don't want to be around should be and have been your only focus to have come into contact with me.

I know some people want to learn more about their personality and have mentioned to me I say things that make so much sense but they never knew about themselves and they want to know more about. Please see that as painful. As normally people force people to be more extroverted and outgoing. When that may only be there makeup in particular surroundings.

So know you're coming into my circle focusing on personal development before you get to professional development. No, I do not split up my teaching, as you need both and cannot only have one without the other.

Oh you're ambitious are you?

Here Is What You Can Expect From
Yourself Through Evolving With
My Programs and/or Coaching

First you will be able to identify pains you have not thought about and get a sense of why the majority struggle and why a small group of people have the potential to not struggle. This message is 'FOR NOW' complimentary on request.
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Secondly you will get a sense of warmth, a feeling of security as you will not only know I can be a source of help you need but that you finally have met someone that can give you the opportunity to evolve. This message is 'AFTER THE FIRST MESSAGE' on request.
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Thirdly you will get an opportunity to join one of my programs and/or coaching so you can start quadrupling your power to control your 'Life, Time, Mind & Money'. This opportunity is 'AFTER THE FIRST & SECOND MESSAGE' on request.
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